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In The Waves Of Change We Find Out Direction

Life can be an absolute rollercoaster leading us to experience waves of highs and lows. These highlights and low points can feel especially intense during a life transition or recent loss. My priority is creating a safe and supportive space for clients to experience a sense of belonging. You will feel seen, heard, and accepted during our time together. You will enter into a deep place of introspection that honors your interests, life story, and inner knowing.





A grief and loss class in graduate school changed my life. I took the class during my first semester as a grad student and changed directions from focusing on prevention science to applying for the therapy track because I wanted to provide a sacred space for people during vulnerable moments in their lives. This topic is the reason I became a therapist. You will be invited to process significant deaths and losses in your life. You will learn practices to honor your grief and loss journey and engage in intentional actions to ceremonially mark an ending. There will be spaciousness dedicated to reflecting on the letting go process.



You might be crossing into a new phase of life, such as graduating from school, getting married, becoming a parent, gaining additional work responsibilities, getting divorced, going through a friendship break-up, or retirement. We often miss the magic that comes from life transitions because this stage can be uncomfortable. In our fast-paced society, we tend to rush from one thing to the next without taking a pause during transitions. This is a testing-ground for you to explore the unknown, your relationship with change, self-discovery, navigating self-trust versus self-doubt, strengths cultivation, and gaining valuable insights. The question we will return to centers on what is the medicine in the lived experience.



Helping clients with personal growth and spirituality is one of my favorite areas to dive into! This foundational work creates a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. A question you might be asking yourself is how you want to heal and grow to feel more grounded, regulated, and connected in your life and in your relationships with others. I work well with clients who are dedicated to implementing everyday choices that align with their personal goals. Clients report experiencing transformational change after incorporating morning and evening rituals, like manifestation and gratitude practices, that align with their personal goals. From various tools like The Enneagram to Numerology, we will explore what makes you unique and collaboratively brainstorm how you can put your gifts and strengths to use for the benefit of many.



I greatly enjoy and have a lot of experience working with clients who identify as neurodivergent or as my friend likes to say “neuro-spicy.” I am a creative soul and value incorporating different healing modalities in the therapeutic setting. Whether you are drawn to photography, painting, jewelry making, journal writing, poetry, activist work, etc. we will incorporate these passions during therapy sessions.

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