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An area of focus for my coaching work is addressing clients’ personal and professional relationships. I deeply understand the importance of prioritizing personal and professional relationships and their impact on overall success. Exceeding as a leader is ALL about relationships - relationship with self, employees, customers, partnerships, and personal connections. Courage and resilience are required for personal and professional growth.

Whether it is working with executives, seniors leaders, teams or families, I am skilled in teaching interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, tools to give and receive feedback, strategies to form and maintain relationships virtually and in person, and empathy building. I also specialize in facilitating engaging workshops and custom designing goal-oriented retreats. My coaching expertise is multi-faceted and includes one-on-one, team, nature-based, and virtual services.

I am grateful to be a colleague with Mark Tribus Group. Being part of Mark Tribus Group, I facilitate Leader Development through:

  • Customized corporate leadership retreats 

  • Team-building sessions and multidisciplinary workshops

  • Seminars and team-building sessions on leadership, culture, team dynamics, character, and personal development

  • Tailored programs that blend cognitive and experiential learning

  • Practical tools and models to serve you and your team

  • Coaching for executives, senior leaders, and families 

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