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I attended a 9-month Ceremony & Rites of Passage Global Training through the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute and Nature Knows that inspired me to create offerings around this passion area. I feel passionate about helping people create personally meaningful rituals and ceremonies, facilitating ceremonies for loved ones and clients, and marking the transition of one phase of life to another.


Examples of transitions marking one phase of life to another include marriage and life partnership, job change, retirement, mother's blessings, baby showers, birthdays, navigating a crisis, divorce or end of partnership, graduations, friendship break-up, celebration of life, and more.


It is common for our Western culture to rush through life transitions or we completely forget to mark them in the first place. This lack of acknowledgement can leave us feeling alone, confused, overwhelmed, and unsure about what supports we have.


My family and I have officiated weddings and spoken at multiple funerals. I learned the importance of acknowledging important moments and traditions from my family. It is a gift and an honor to carry this legacy forward.

Ceremony is a way to express ourselves through our whole beings. Ceremony is an opportunity to enter into what is happening: it is the bridge. Ceremony gives us a practice to be in dialogue with the questions when there are no immediate answers. We enter into a deep place of self listening when in ceremony and feel surrounded by a supportive community. We cannot survive alone. This is about interconnectedness and aliveness.


If you’re looking for ideas on how to create a personally meaningful ceremony for yourself or a loved one -or- would like me to personally guide you through a ceremony, please do not hesitate to reach out. This can feel really vulnerable and know I will hold sacred space for you and the special people in your world.

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